Members of the Dallas Sidekicks organization are happy to assist you with your corporate, community, and charity events throughout North Texas. Add a unique new element to your events that will leave everyone energized and keep everyone talking!

Sidekicks players, coaches, Purple Chaos, and staff may be requested for events such as meet-and-greet events for guests, grassroots marketing, sponsor promotions and event giveaways, photographs and autographs sessions for guests, soccer camps and clinics, business or leadership conferences or seminars, or any other event that would be enhanced by the participation of the Sidekicks.

The Sidekicks determine event participation on an event-by-event basis. If you would like us to consider your event, please send the following required information to Pablo at

  • Contact name
  • Name of event
  • Purpose of event
  • Date of the event
  • Appearance start and end times
  • Event itinerary (please include how Sidekicks representatives will be used during the event)
  • Event location (please include street address)
  • On-site contact name and phone number
  • Other helpful information about the event