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October 17, 2019
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High Profit Fundraisers
October 24, 2019


Baseball fundraisers are a great way for teams to earn some extra cash to support their program. Money raised for sports fundraisers typically go towards tournament expenses, uniforms, sports equipment and training equipment. Although there are plenty of ways to raise money for a baseball team, fundraisers that are specific to a particular need work best. Here are a few baseball fundraiser ideas to keep in mind. 

Baseball Fundraiser Ideas

There are different types of fundraising you can do to raise money. Sports team fundraising has a special advantage when it comes to raising money. This article outlines a few baseball fundraiser ideas to raise funds for your baseball team. It covers everything from planning a hit-a-thon to team car washes. 

Plan A Hit-A-Thon Fundraiser

A hit-a-thon is one of the best baseball fundraisers out there. This type of fundraiser works just like a peer-to-peer event or walk-a-thon. Players ask their friends, neighbors and relatives to make a donation or pledge to help a certain cause. The pledge amounts can be calculated either per longest distance hit or completed hit, with each participant getting a certain number of pitches. Alternatively, contributors can choose to donate fixed amounts.

Baseball Fundraiser Ideas

Baseball Team Sponsorships

Although not an unusual fundraising idea, soliciting team sponsors is also a great way to raise funds. Parents, coaches and players can help to seek donations from local businesses. A useful tactic is for the team to establish various levels of sponsorships with details of benefits donors will receive at each level before requesting for donations. As with any type of fundraising, be sure to thank donors for their support.

Team Car Washes

This old classic fundraiser is also a great way to raise funds for your baseball team because kids can run them and they’re also quite successful. Simply purchase supplies for the carwash and invite community members and parents to have their cars washed at a fee. You can also raise more funds by tasking your players with making and selling sandwiches. Consider partnering with a local café to set up shop and sell coffee and create a convenient stop for your customers to drive off in a clean car.

Walk-A-Thon or Runs for The Team

Planning a walk-a-thon or run helps you to raise more funds by using the power of the community to come together and raise money from their networks. Participants will commit to collecting donations and pledges for your team and work together to inspire others. Consider asking business sponsors for their help in offering in-kind support of food and water or create a matching gift challenge to increase participation for the money raised.

Baseball Fundraiser Ideas

Baseball Fundraising Cards or Discount Card Fundraisers

Professional fundraising companies say scratch-off fundraising cards have become a popular choice for baseball teams as they work well for players. You can customize the scratch-off card with your slogan, team name and relevant sports design. Each player is given several scratch cards so they can ask their friends, neighbors and family to participate by scratching off dots that reveal a predetermined donation amount.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of baseball fundraising ideas you can take advantage of to raise funds for your team. Make sure you stay on target and avoid any fundraising mistakes. Other fundraisers to consider include breakfast fundraisers, miniature golf tournaments and online team spirit merchandise sales. Choose a fundraiser that you think will work best for your team.

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