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July 24, 2019
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August 15, 2019

The world of nonprofits offers a wide range of ways to raise funds. While “offline “or traditional ways of raising funds are important, online fundraising platforms have revolutionized how to raise funds. Here are some of the benefits of fundraising online and why using an online platform is the way forward.

Benefits of Fundraising Online

Extended Reach

Online fundraising allows you to go beyond geographical limitations. Social media and email, for example, allow you to spread the word about your fundraising campaign or event to reach more donors, create a buzz or friendly competition between participants in your events. Research has shown that online fundraisers often result in higher give results than traditional methods. This gives more exposure to the items you are selling

Personalized Account

One of the most significant benefits of online fundraising is that it empowers you to become the organization’s voice within your social groups. By adding personal stories and messages as well as videos and pictures to your account, you’re able to create a personal appeal and build a bridge to your audience. This is especially crucial when posts and communication come from volunteers, donors or event participants as it shows an unbiased view of the fundraising campaign.

Online fundraising also allows you to be more personalized and targeted. For instance, you can target different potential donors with different messages. Online platforms make it a lot easier to segment your audience. You can differentiate the messages you send to a younger generation of donors from an older crowd, for example. Although different groups of people may share certain values, what they respond to and how they make decisions is likely to be different.

Cost-Effective Collection

Preparing a fundraising event can be costly, especially when you consider the costs of printing and labor involved when creating and distributing pledge books and other offline donating materials, not to mention the labor costs involved in running an offline fundraising campaign. Online fundraising, on the other hand, is both affordable and convenient, making it more cost effective in terms of both time and out of pocket costs. Running an online fundraising campaign can help you to decrease your expenditure and increase your success rate.

Ease and ConvenienceBenefits of Fundraising Online

Gone are the days when fundraising typically involved having to walk from one door to another collecting pledges. Signing up online helps to minimize risks associated with collecting large sums of money, for example. Online fundraising platforms allow you to easily track what has been pledged to you by donors as well as enter any offline donations you may receive.

An online fundraising account makes it easy to monitor personal as well as team goals and achievements on your home page. You can rest easy knowing that all your donors have received a thank you email and tax receipt as they are both automatically generated when you receive a donation.

Bottom Line

Online fundraising also allows you to instantly update or modify your entire network of donors on your team news and progress. Ultimately, the real benefits of fundraising online offers an easy and efficient way to raise funds that reduces your time commitment, stress and frustration.

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