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August 15, 2019
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August 22, 2019

Raising money can be a tough challenge. Raising more money can be hard, especially if you’ve exhausted your favorite fundraising ideas. But fundraising doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Hosting a few unique fundraisers will capture your donor’s attention and inspire them to give. There are several big money fundraising ideas to consider.

Big Money Fundraising Ideas

In this article, we’ll have a look at somBig Money Fundraising Idease fundraising ideas that will keep your existing donors interested and attract potential donors. The fundraising ideas we’ll discuss include:

  • Hosting a 5K race
  • A silent auction
  • Battle of the bands
  • Carwash 
  • Chili cookoff

Host a 5K Race

Set up a 5K race in your community. 5K races are a unique and easy way to raise funds in your community. Ask runners to pay a registration fee and watch registrations soar as people love to participate in such events. You can also partner with corporates to sponsor your event.

Silent Auction

Silent auctions allow you to get local organizations involved in a fundraising event that is both community-oriented and unique. Consider reaching out to your local businesses to donate auction items. The trick here is to try and incorporate things that your donors will find interesting (think local art, gift certificates, gift baskets, movie tickets, etc.) then encourage people to bid on these items.

Battle of The Bands

Host a content where musicians in your community can showcase their talent. You can incentivize the bands to participate by ensuring there’s a prize for the winner. Provide judges and ask the audience to choose the best band. Ask for a small fee from attendees and try to get a local company to host the event.

Car Wash

Car wash fundraisers never get old, but you can put your own spin to make things exciting and unique. Hold a carwash for your community. It’s a classic fundraising event for schools and high school sports team or school trip but can also work well for nonprofits. Make your carwash unique by adding a spin to the fundraiser. For instance, you can host a carwash that also doubles as a dance party.  All you need are soap, sponges and volunteers who are ready to work.

Chili Cookoff

People love their chili recipes. Challenge your community members or neighbors to a cookoff to determine who can make the best chili in town or any other types of food. Ask volunteers or staff members to be judges who will determine the winners. Ask those who wish to participate to pay a registration fee and don’t forget to provide a prize for the winner. Consider making the cookoff an annual event that people will look forward to each year.

Bottom Line

Oftentimes, organizations, as well as individuals, need some effective fundraising ideas to meet their targets. The ideas need to be engaging enough to get people interested. The big money fundraising ideas mentioned should make it easier for you to rally people to raise money for your cause and have fun while doing it.

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