Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

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September 12, 2019
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September 19, 2019

Raising money for your sports team is no easy feat. The costs of equipment, travel and other miscellaneous costs can quickly add up and even overshadow the fun of the athletic activity or sport. Fortunately, there are plenty of great fundraising ideas for sports teams out there. The trick is to find the right fundraising idea for your team. Here are a few creative fundraising ideas for sports teams.

creative fundraising ideas for sports teams

Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

This article outlines some of the top team fundraising ideas that will work well for any sports team that are creative and unusual

T-Shirt Fundraising

Designing custom apparel and uniforms for your team is a great way to raise some support. Creating custom T-shirts is both a smart and effective way to strengthen your team’s relationship with the community. Simply look for a reputable t-shirt printing platform that offers flexible options for offering custom shirts to your supporters.

Kids Summer Sports Camp

Hosting a sports-themed day camp for your kids is a great way to raise funds for various reasons:

  • Parents will enjoy keeping their kids active and busy.
  • You can decide how simple or extensive you want the camp to be
  • Cost-effective settings include your own facilities or a public park
  • Your teammates can be volunteer coaches
  • You can include custom camp shirts as an additional source of support.

Plan well in advance so that you’ve got all the details covered. You can also think of more ways to get the community involved.

Athletic Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Shoe drive fundraisers are among the top school fundraising strategies because kids are constantly outgrowing their shoes. This fundraising idea can be a major hit in various contexts, but can be more effective if the team is school based or made up of parents.

Fancy Auction Night

Hosting an auction is among the best team fundraising ideas because supporters get the chance to have a fun night out. Auctions are both flexible and engaging. They are a great experience for the community, mingle with neighbors, have a fun night out enjoying a nice meal and maybe even purchase auction items.

If a raffle, silent auction or auction seems like a smart idea for your sports team, it’s important to explore all your options. Reach out to other businesses, organizations, schools and local teams that might be interested in partnering for the event. You can then start preparing items that will be sold at the auction.

Discount Cards

Creating and selling community coupon books and discount cards is a classic fundraising idea for sports teams. The trick is to engage the community with your discount cards by getting the right combination of coupons, offers or special deals as a way to start it. There are plenty of services that you can partner with to develop and create product cards for your team to sell. Alternatively, you can create your own.

Bottom Line

With these different types of creative fundraising ideas for sports teams, you should be able to run a successful campaign. Whether you’re an intramural team, community team or part of a school team, your team will find lots of success when you promote your fundraiser and encourage more people to participate.

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