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January 22, 2019
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Are you looking for some of the best easy fun fundraisers for kids? If yes, you are in the right place. There are thousands of kids across the state and the country as a whole who are keen on putting their best foot forward for raising money and resources for some noble causes. Given the vast majority of typical fundraisers, it is interesting to find out more about some modern and contemporary forms of fundraising for kids that have evolved and changed with times. We are sharing some new, conventional and successful ways by which young kids could raise funds for various good causes.

Easy Fun Fundraisers For Kids




Crowdfunding is a time-tested and proven way of kids raising funds for various events. It has been around for many decades and perhaps centuries. It is a great sight to see young kids moving from homes to homes in their neighborhoods with their kitty banks and soliciting donations. Today the internet and mobile telephony have changed the way by which even young kids can seek donations. They can spread their message far and wide and also solicit donations


Selling Cookie Dough


There is no denying the fact that selling baked goods is a time-tested and honored tradition when it comes to fundraising. It is all the more true for young kids. However, this is quite competitive and also repetitive and therefore it might not fetch the right kind of result at all times. Instead may believe that selling cookie dough and other fun goodies could make a big difference. With the dough, you leave the decision to the buyers and they can make use of it the ways they want to. If selling cookie dough does not impress you could try popcorn, lollipops, chocolate bars, fruit snacks, and other such things.


50/50 Raffle


These are simple and extremely low-cost fundraising options for children. All that you need to do is a buy a roll of raffle tickets. You could use your school or your parents’ club and it could be the right place where the raffles could be sold out within a few minutes. Once the raffles have been sold out, you have to arrange for the evening meeting.Easy Fun Fundraisers For Kids The winners of the raffle events will take 50% of the amount while the balance 50% is retained by the children as the proceeds of the fundraising event.


Trivia Night


You could use trivia night to test your supporters. It requires partnering with a local restaurant, coffee shop, or school. You could have some fun and use the event to raise some funds as kids. The funds could be collected throughout the entire night. Depending on the place where you hold the event, the restaurant would only be too willing to split the proceeds of the evening. It is good publicity for the restaurant and kids can also raise some decent money as funds.


The Final Word


Hence, you have many options under the head easy fun fundraisers for kids. These are just a few of them and all you have to do is research and find out a few more. The internet could be one of the best sources for getting more information about fundraisers for kids that are easy and simple. Hopefully with these ideas, you are able to receive all of the wonderful benefits that come with fundraising.

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