Food to Sell at School Fundraiser – 5 Fun Ideas

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April 27, 2018
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Are you looking for an excellent idea that you can use for your school fundraising event? How about you organize a fundraiser that focuses on selling various types of food. Fundraising with food products has for long been a popular choice among organizers because it’s simple and very easy to manage. Also, it is very profitable because everybody consumes foods such as candy, chocolates, pizza, and popcorn. Another fantastic thing about these food products is that they’re not only appealing to kids, adults also love them and thus making your market wide. But which are the most suitable types of food to sell at school fundraiser. Let’s dive into the various foods you can turn into school fundraising ideas.

Food to Sell at School Fundraiser

1. Popcorn


Doing a school fundraising campaign with popcorn as your food product is easy and you’re guaranteed of high returns by the end of the event. What are the advantages of using popcorn is your fundraiser? One, it’s easy to put into action. You just need to invest in a popcorn machine or come up with your own DIY option to make them. The second advantage is that the ingredients you need are cheap and affordable, which means that you won’t have to spend lots of money upfront. Lastly, this fundraising idea has a high-profit margin (78-95%). This means that if you put in great effort, you’ll achieve the required amounts of cash.


2. Pizza


Pizza is another food product that can guarantee you of a high-profit margin. One of the main reasons why many people use pizza is because it’s one of the most famous types of food. Also, who doesn’t love pizza? There two ways through which you can raise money through pizza. One, you can sell pizza cards to people in your neighborhood. It’s the easiest and most common kind of pizza fundraiser today. These cards are a huge hit because they allow people to get discounts in their favorite restaurants. If you want to make money through pizza cards, ensure that you choose a high-quality restaurant loved by many people.Food to Sell at School Fundraiser


Another way is offering people actual pizza. Here, you can make them yourselves or buy them from your local restaurants at a low cost and sell them for profit. With pizza, you’re guaranteed of a 60-80% profit margin.


3. Cookie Dough


Cookie dough fundraisers are another preferred option due to their convenience and sweet taste. If you want to get maximum funds by the end of your campaign, then cookie dough is a food product that can sell excellently. The profits can range between 50% and 70%. Be sure to include a wide variety of flavors so that people can have many choices to choose from.


4. Hot Dogs


Selling hot dogs is another way to raise money for a school fundraising campaign. The major advantages of using hot dogs are that they’re easy to make and when it comes to selling, there are no hassles. You can invite people to the event in the school and set up stands where you’ll be selling the hot dogs. Or, you can choose a high-traffic place such as a grocery store, talk to the owner, set up various hot dog stands and sell to people. And, don’t forget to include a variety of toppings so that people can have a wide array from which they can choose. Hot dogs have a 50-75% profit margin.


Food to Sell at School Fundraiser5. Candy


Candy bar fundraising is an easy and fun way to earn money for your school. Here, you just need to provide your students with candy boxes or bags which they can sell to other students, friends, and family. These fundraisers are highly profitable and one of the easiest to plan because there are no order forms involved or anything of the sort. What you just need to make sure is that you order candies you can manage to sell and set reasonable prices. Candies have an average 50% profit margin.

A school fundraising campaign needs to be organized well for it to work smoothly. The above types of food to sell at school fundraiser are all easy and with good effort, you will be able to raise the needed funds. Good luck with your fundraiser!

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