what makes a good fundraiser
What Makes a Good Fundraiser?
October 15, 2019
Group Fundraising Ideas
October 17, 2019
fun fundraiser ideas

Are you having difficulties raising funds for your cause? Are you looking for some fun fundraiser ideas? If yes, then you are not alone. Many people go through this phase especially when they try it for the first time. In this article, we will help you with some proven ideas to raise a fun and motivate people to contribute more to your dream. You can try any of these ideas or combine a few depending on your fundraising demands. 

Fun Fundraiser Ideas

You can directly reach into their inbox and can try something unique and innovative to motivate your supporters. Any of the following will work if done properly. 

Mail Campaign  

Yes, the mail campaign can be effective if you know how to do it.  This idea will help you impress your potential donors directly. You will have to be honest while writing emails. Make it simple but effective. Use a goodness stamp on it to create a unique recognition. Keep trying until your efforts are not appreciated. While writing a snail email, you will have to focus on quality rather than quantity. Remember that everyone is busy and cannot spend more than a minute on your email.

Partnership with Local Restaurants

This idea will help you to get the attention of your local donors. It is simple and useful. You just need to leave the donation envelopes at their tables by asking them to donate a little extra change. By doing this, you might not be able to get a lot of donations. But it can help you to reach more people. They will start recognizing you.  It is a good start to support your cause whether it be a club or youth sports team and create your space.

Gift Card Fundraising 

You can consider partnering with some reputed websites specialized in fundraising by using gift cards. All you need to do is to buy those gift cards and sell them to your potential fundraisers. When they use those cards to pay, you will get a commission up to ten percent depending on the retailer. Also, the person will not have to pay an extra amount for your commission. 

Pet Contest

You might not have heard about this fundraising idea. However, it can be fun and effective. Every pet owner thinks that his pet is the cutest. So, you can make it official by arranging the cutest pet contest. Many pet owners would like to participate. You just need to charge a participation fee. You can also charge to all those who want to enjoy the contests. Promote the competition to get more participants and make it memorable with a winning prize. 

Baby Photo Contest 

This can be best to influence your office staff to contribute to your cause. Ask your friends, colleagues, and even neighbors to participate in the contest. Charge a participation fee. Make sure that the amount is minimal so that you can expect more participation. 


Fundraising is not easy for many of us. However, we can make it easy by trying some interesting and fun fundraiser ideas to help you successfully fundraise. You should not try to achieve something big in the initial days. First, try to create recognition for your cause and motivate people to contribute a little as a tip on how to raise money. Make it slow and gradual and then you can achieve more.

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