Fundraising Ideas For a School Trip – Common Ideas

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January 14, 2019
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Schools should focus on fundraising ideas to introduce new programs, complete major projects, arranging school trips, and maintain academic excellence. In addition, fundraising offers a number of other benefits. It brings students together and develops their confidence and leadership skill. For fundraising, you will need proper planning to inspire people to contribute more to your cause. You can consider fundraising for any school activity including school trips. Followings are a few fundraising ideas for a school trip.

Fundraising Ideas For a School Trip


Trivia Competition

This is both fun and challenging. While thinking of this competition, you can focus on your school history, achievements, or even general knowledge. Arrange a trivia competition and invite the people who find themselves connected to the school. Choose a perfect time to enable them to join the event. All you need to do is to charge a small entrance fee to make money from this process. Besides, you can sell food and refreshment for the same purpose.Fundraising Ideas For a School Trip

Special Character Day

This unique idea will enable you to make some money for your school. All your students are going to love this idea. They will have an opportunity to come to the school with the outfit of their favorite character. Ask your students to dress up as different characters and pay for getting this unique opportunity.  

Clean Up

This fundraising idea will enable your students to contribute to the cleanliness and to raise money from that process. While organizing a cleanup project, set an objective. You can focus on a particular area or the number of roads. Parents, people, and the youngsters will join you and will contribute to your cleaning effort.

Family Fun Day

You can arrange a family fun day a couple of times a year.  Arrange it on Saturdays to enable the parents to attend the events. Make it both fun and educational. Charge a participation fee and organize different types of activities such as gardening, face painting, and sculpting with clay. You will have to make it innovative and interactive to ensure more participation.

Sports Day

When the warm weather is around, all of us will prefer to spend more time outside. You can utilize this opportunity and arrange a sports day for all the students. You need to set up a variety of games to inspire all the kids to participate and to have fun. You can charge an admission fee for the spectators and parents. In addition, consider selling drinks and snacks to make more profits.

Color RunFundraising Ideas For a School Trip

A Color Run can be fun and entertaining for all the students regardless of age, overall a great way to raise money for school trips. Make your students wear a white T-shirt and arrange volunteers to throw water balloons or to spray water-based paints on them.  You can get money by charging a participation fee.

No Uniform Day

You can organize no uniform day once a month to enable your students to show their personal style. In return, you can ask for a small donation.

You can try all these fundraising ideas for a school trip. Plan the events in advance to make more money and ensure everyone that participates has a great time.

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