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October 1, 2019
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October 7, 2019

Everyone wants their prom to be as fun and as classy as possible. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend too much. Fundraising can allow you to bring down ticket prices and cater for extra costs such as the DJ who will get everyone hyped up. Check out some of these innovative fundraising ideas for prom.

Fundraising Ideas For Prom

This post highlights a few simple yet innovative fundraising ideas for prom. It covers everything from selling parking spaces to planning a bake sale and hosting an online art auction. Remember, there are many benefits to holding fundraisers, so always make sure you have effective strategies and avoid mistakes to help reach your goals.  

Fundraising Ideas For Prom

Sell Parking Spaces

Do you have a large parking lot that’s packed most days? If so, you can raise some funds by auctioning off the best parking spots. You can host the auction at homecoming, senior night or any other school fundraiser.

Have a T-Shirt Designing Contest

Your school and sporting events can always benefit from a little extra color and style. Have students volunteer to design a t-shirt then have everyone decide on the best design. You can determine the winner by voting through social media based on likes, shares or comments, for example. Once you have a winner, have the T-shirts printed so you can sell them to raise funds.

Host an Art Auction Online

Consider asking students in your art classes if they would like to sell some of their sculptures and paintings to raise funds for a good cause. Once you have several volunteers, host an online auction. You can do this via an online auction platform, Facebook or your school’s website. Be sure to take plenty of pictures, write descriptions and set starting bid amounts. The trick here is to leverage social media, the school’s website or even email to advertise the auction.

Plan a Bake Sale

There are many food options you can sell at a fundraiser. It’s likely that some of your classmates enjoy cooking and would be happy to bake some cupcakes, cookies and brownies to raise money for prom. Once you have a few volunteers, you can host a bake sale as part of lunch or the big game. Consider selling the goodies in personalized tins that people can reuse and raise more funds.

Auction Student Workers

Families and community members in need of a hand will be happy to pay for helpers. As such, volunteers can be auctioned off for services such as babysitting, painting and yard work. Compile a list of volunteers and advertise so anyone interested can attend the auction ready to bid.

Hire a Photographer for Portraits

There are several types of fundraising that your group can complete to raise money. An interesting idea would be to hire a photographer for portraits. Your school probably has budding photographers. If so, you can ask them if they could volunteer to photograph families and help raise money for prom. Alternatively, you can reach out to photographers in your area. Post the word out and watch the families stream in to pay for snapshots.

Bottom Line

Your prom doesn’t have to be expensive. With these fundraising ideas for prom, you can raise some funds and make the prom fun and memorable. Whenever you come up with an idea, don’t forget to get the word out as that’s the only way potential donors will get to know about your fundraiser. This fundraising trick will help bring more people to your event. 

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