Good Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams – What’s the Best?

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May 31, 2019
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Whether you are a football player, basketball player or a soccer player, the cost of playing any kind sports are getting higher and higher every day. Thus, sports fundraising is an important aspect of being on a sports team nowadays. Hence, most of the leagues want their players to participate in fundraising activities to raise funds. Although sometimes the most difficult part of this process is choosing the best item to sell for the fundraiser. No need to worry though, this article will go over some good fundraising ideas for sports teams to consider.

Good Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Some good fuGood Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams ndraising ideas for sports teams include selling an all sports scratch card, pizza fundraising and much more.

#1: All Sports Scratch Card

This is one of the best ideas when fundraising for sports. It can provide you with great profits. The participants must get people to scratch two off the 50 concealed dots. This can provide you with a minimum profit of 70% once all these dots are scratched. Each of these cards can raise up to $100.

#2: Pizza Fundraising Cards

Another great way for fundraising is by using the pizza and food fundraising cards method. You can sell these cards for $10. The card is meant for the holder to enjoy a free medium with one topping pizza when they buy a large one topping pizza. These cards are valid in different locations including Pizza Hits and Papa Johns.

#3: T-Shirt Sale

Another great idea to raise funds for your sports team is by selling team merchandise and goodies. This is one of the best ways to raise funds for a team. If you are looking to raise money, then this method can also help you to promote your team too.

#4: Sports Lollipops

If you are looking forward to raising money for your sports team, then it is better to consider this fun idea of selling sports themed lollipops. Your lollipop fundraiser can be for any specific sport as well.

#5: $1 Chocolate Bars

Selling chocolate bars is one of the most classic methods to use when fundraising for a sports team. Not only do people crave something sweet throughout the day, but this sort of fundraiser also accounts for great profits. You can use this opportunity to raise good money for funding your sports team.


These were some good fundraising ideas for sports teams. You can use all of these or any one of these to raise funds for your sports team. You can customize these ways for the particular sports you are playing or are raising funds for.

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