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April 29, 2019
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Is your sports team looking for an idea to raise money for competition fees or new equipment for this coming season? Do you want to come up with new campaigns that are effective, profitable, and quick to implement? While there are many options available out there, it can be challenging to pick a suitable option for your goal. To help you, below are some brilliant fundraising ideas for youth sports teams to consider.

Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports Teams

Some fundraising ideas for youth sports teams include creating customized team shirts, hosting a youth summer camp and much more.

1. Customized Team Shirts

Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports Teams

One of the most common ways to raise money and support a youth sports team is to design custom shirts or uniforms for your sports team. Also, this would improve the relationships between your club and the fan base, which is important for more success in the future. Make sure to find a printing platform which provides flexible options to design, print, and deliver your shirts to the supporters. If possible, create a mascot or logo to make then stand out from the crowd.

2. Youth Summer Camp

Another great fundraising idea is to organize a sports day camp for students during the summer break. Every parent wants their kids to be active busy, so they are always willing to spend some money on physical activities. You can host the event in a public park or your own facilities. Make sure to plan everything well in advance and cover all necessary details such as foods, drinks, tents, equipment, and more.

3. Auction Night

An auction is always an effective way of fundraising some money. Your sports team would easily organize an auction night and make it as faux-fancy, fancy, or casual as you want. The first thing you need to do is reaching out to businesses, organizations, schools, or local teams to find partners. Next, build the list of donated items for the auction, ranging from shirts, shoes to something unique. Make sure to include some musical or sports activities to make the event interesting.

4. Fitness Classes

Depending on the activity or sport of your team, this would be one of the simplest fundraising ideas on the list. Some popular subjects and activities include dance, running, yoga, weightlifting, exercise, and wellness. Any member of your team who often practices these activities would lead the course. It is better to cooperate with the local gym, community center, or park to have a good space for the class.

5. Food Truck

This is another simple yet effective fundraising idea for your sports team. Find any local food truck and make a deal with them for a percentage partnership. It would be win-win cooperation since food trucks can find new customers in your neighborhood, while your team can raise some money. Some popular options include burgers, tacos, pizzas. However, don’t be afraid to choose a totally unique partner.


Whether you are a soccer, basketball, or volleyball team, these recommended fundraising ideas for youth sports teams will help you get a lot of money to meet your goals. Keep in mind that the key to success is community engagement. Thus, make sure these activities can engage many people from your community rather than only your friends and family.

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