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January 15, 2020
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January 28, 2020
Funny Fundraising Ideas

Funny Fundraising Ideas

At times you will find your fundraising push going a bit slow, you can spice things up using some of these funny fundraising ideas. Do not forget that when people have fun doing something, they always want to come back for more. Thus, try and have people laughing and having fun at your fundraiser, so that they can come back to support the cause. 

Funny Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising can help schools and sports in various ways. What are some of the most interesting and funny fundraising ideas for sports and other causes? Continue reading to find out:

1. Eccentric Hair Day

This would be great for school fundraisers, though this is a funny fundraising option for when you require raising funds for any occasion. Have the kids or the individuals attending your fundraiser; donate to have a chance to spot the craziest hairstyle.

2. Pay to Have Fellow Attendees Thrown in “Jail”

Funny Fundraising Ideas

In your fundraiser, have several individuals dress as police officers, including handcuffs, and create a part of your area as a “jail.” The individuals can pay the police officers to “detain” friends and family and put them in “jail”: for some time, a maximum of 10 minutes. This specific move will provide plenty of photo opportunities.

3. Dinnerware Smashing

Have your guests give unwanted bowls, dishes or plates, among others before the event. You will be surprised at how many unwanted things people want to give away. People will gladly pay to smash them because of how fun and stress-relieving it can be. Simply set up the dishes on a large table or a wall, have supporters pay to smash the plates on the ground or at a wall.

4. Crab Races

If you reside in a region with plenty of crabs, collect several and place them in a bucket, paint digits on the shell of each crab, then have the guests pay a small amount to bet on one of the crabs. Create a huge circle on the ground, and once you are ready to begin, pour the crabs into the center of the circle. The first crab to make it out of the loop is the winner, and the winner will be offered a portion of the bet money… and the rest will go towards your fundraiser.

In Conclusion

Organizing a fundraiser is not an easy task, which is why you should strategize your fundraiser in advance. Now you know plenty of funny fundraising ideas you can try at your next fundraiser event. You can also sell discount cards at the fundraising event, which provide local discounts to supporters, and you receive a portion of the sales.

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