What Are Good Fundraising Ideas?

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November 5, 2019
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November 19, 2019
what are good fundraising ideas

If yours is an organization that survives on donations, then you need to devise ways to get funds. Using the same tactics will bore a lot of people, and your donations will dwindle. You need fresh ideas to keep the stream running. So, what are good fundraising ideas? 

What Are Good Fundraising Ideas?

If you are asking that question, this post is for you. It will suggest some great and successful fundraising ideas that will keep the high profit donations coming. It is all about keeping things fresh, and the ideas here will give you exactly that.

Field Day for Adults

Adults are nostalgic about the days when they had to play and compete each weekend. They no longer get that time. However, it does not mean they will not create time to attend a field fun day. Organize a field day with various activities targeting adults. They will be competing, and the winner will take something home. Tell them about your organization, and they will give generous donations. You have just made their weekend, and they will return the favor. 

Paddle Racing

Do you live by a lake or river? Then water sports must be popular. Take this to your advantage and host a paddle race. Advertise the event to everyone in your circles. Tell friends to tell other people. The more people you have registering, the more you will get. Enroll groups and individuals and ask for a participation fee. It could be anything from 5 dollars. Add some other activities besides the paddling for those who will not be taking part in the competition. 

A Cooking Challenge

Every neighborhood has cooking enthusiasts. Some of them will jump to the idea of a cooking competition. What are you waiting for? It is time to get funds by letting people showcase their passion for cooking. Get a place where the cooking will happen. Apart from those who will be competing, invite the general public. Ask those coming to pay an entry fee. A portion of the money will go to the winners, while the rest goes to support your cause. 

A Dog Fun Day

Just like everyone would love an afternoon of fun, dogs too will be happy to have the chance. A lot of people love dogs; therefore, a fun day for these furry friends will get you the masses you need. Ask those willing to bring their pets. Come up with fun activities to keep dogs and their owners busy. On the sidelines, have some people serving some snacks. By the close of the day, you will have collected a reasonable amount. 

Matchmaking Day

Everywhere, people are looking to meet others. It is only that they do not get the chance often. Let your organization go for a matchmaking day. During the event, people will mingle freely and meet like-minded friends. You never know who will meet a soulmate there. When they come, ask them to make a small donation towards your cause. 

Bottom Line 

Do you now have your answer for what are good fundraising ideas? As long as you are creative and give people what they want, your donation pipeline will never dry for your youth sports team, club, organization and more. For help when it comes to fundraising successfully, there are many online fundraising platforms available that you can choose from. 

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