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Funny Fundraising Ideas – Successful Fundraiser Ideas
January 27, 2020
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February 24, 2020
What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers?

What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers?

At time comes when your organization will need to raise money in a short amount of time. You need ideas to mobilize supporters and convince them to make generous donations. In such a scenario, you will need ideas that do not take a lot of time to put together and will give you bountiful returns. So, what are some good ideas for fundraisers? 

What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers?

It is all about practical ideas that can turn your fundraiser into an instant success. You should pick the ones that work for you and be smiling on your way to the bank. 

Hairless Fundraising

A lot of people would shave their hair and beard for a cause they support. Why not turn to your supporters and sell this funny fundraising idea? Tell them to spread the word and get people coming in their numbers. When they shave, collect the hair and sell it. It is a big-money project that can turn into millions of dollars in a few hours. Plan it well and have all logistics taken care of in good time. You can also look into different things to sell at this fundraiser while people are getting their haircut. 

Run the Race

All other ideas may get old, but run the race never ages. It is an all-time favorite for organizations that want to collect quick money. Invite people to come and run wearing their favorite costumes. You can borrow inspiration from Star Wars, Flash, Batman, or Harry Potter. Let participants pay a fee to be part of the race. The winner gets a small portion of the money collected while the rest goes to your organization. 

Battle of the Local Bands

Every small town has aspiring bands. You can give the bands a platform to show their talent and at the same time get support for your not-for-profit organization. Invite the bands for a live performance. Get a good venue and advertise the event on all platforms. Start selling tickets to the event as soon as everything is confirmed. A lot of people would like a way to spend a weekend and listening to a dozen local bands is definitely one way to do that. Give something to every band for their participation and keep the rest for your cause. It is a win-win for the bands and you. 

Bike Relay Race

Biking is becoming a staple recreation and fitness activity. It sure is popular in your town. Tap into this opportunity by organizing relay race. Send the word out to all potential biking enthusiasts. Get help coming up with the route and organizing the whole thing. Ask participants and spectators to pay a small fee to fund the event. When the day comes, have some snacks for sale. Give a small portion of the collected money to the winners and the rest is for your organization. 

What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers?
What Are Some Good Ideas for Fundraisers?

Dance Marathon

Dancing is a universal language and an idea to raise funds. How about organizing a dance marathon whereby the last person standing wins? Advertise the event and let peers fundraise for it. You will collect enough funds to give to the winner and support your objective. 

Bottom Line 

If you have been asking about what are some good ideas for fundraisers, now you have a few to get you started. Sell your ideas and get supporters to turn up in masses so that your fundraiser can help out your school or organization. It does not have to be a complex thing; even fundraising pros state that simple ideas can give you big success. 

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