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Fun Fundraiser Ideas
October 16, 2019
Baseball Fundraiser Ideas
October 24, 2019

When you’re trying to raise funds for your cause, finding ways to engage donors can prove to be tough. In addition to actual fundraising, you need to keep your donors interested through events, online donation forms or even social media. For you to give donors what they want, you need to appeal to them in ways that they’ll find meaningful, enjoyable and relatable. Here are a few group fundraising ideas to keep in mind.

Group Fundraising Ideas

Whether you are raising money for prom, a school trip, or a business, this guide focuses on a list of interesting group fundraising ideas that will not only attract more donors but also bring in the revenue you need to meet or even exceed your targets. There are various types of fundraising to consider, read this article for some effective tips. 

Group Fundraising Ideas

Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are effective group fundraisers for a wide range of reasons, but meeting face to face with donors is one of the top ways to make the most of a silent auction.

These events typically involve guests walking around to observe auction items displayed on a table, for example, before they can place their bids either through their mobile devices or on paper. As guests browse through the auction items, you’ll have plenty of time to mingle and get to know them better. Consider incorporating mobile bidding software and find items that will appeal to your donors.

Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

This is a simple strategy that involves calling on your supporters to raise funds on your behalf. 

  • You start by setting a campaign goal and choosing a peer-to-peer fundraising platform. 
  • The next step involves setting up your main campaign page then recruiting your supporters to create their individual participant pages.
  • Participants share their campaign pages with their own online networks of followers, friends and family
  • The last step involves tracking progress and providing resources, motivation and continued support.

Peer-to-peer campaigns pave the way for a wider outreach for donations as well as an increased awareness around your mission and cause.

Plan a Golf Tournament

Group Fundraising Ideas

Charity goals are also great for group fundraising because you get opportunities to engage donors when they’re having fun with their friends.  They also allow you to identify and steward potential major donors. Here are a few tips to make your tournament successful:

  • Recruit donors and corporate sponsors with major gift potential to play
  • Reach out to local companies to sponsor your tournament
  • Have your fundraisers or board members encourage day-of donations and connect with supporters in person.

Host a Walkathon

Walkathons are a great way to raise funds because they’re based on group participation with the potential for more donor engagement. It goes without saying that whenever supporters engage their communities in your cause, that can result in better fundraising results. When it comes to walkathons, you need to plan early, set your goals and budget, and get creative. An online fundraising leaderboard will also help participants see how others compare to the amounts they’ve raised.

Bottom Line

There are many benefits to fundraising if you avoid making mistakes. Ultimately, not all group fundraising ideas are equal. Other options to consider include cookoffs and car washes. Always decide your campaign goals ahead of time and determine exactly what you need before starting your campaign. If you’re planning to really engage donors, the fundraising ideas mentioned are worth a shot.

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