How Do You Ask For Donations Via Email?

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January 28, 2020
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August 5, 2020

Asking for donations can be scary and uncomfortable. Fundraiser ideas that work will make it easier. One skill to learn is how do you ask for donations via email so that you catch the attention and sympathy of your prospects?

Although it’s not easy to ask people to give away their hard-earned money, sending them an appeal letter doesn’t have to be so daunting. Refining your solicitation emails is crucial to generating more funds for your mission/cause.

How do you ask for donations via email? This entails: sharing a powerful story, describing your positive impact, using magic words in your letter, being specific and direct when asking aid, getting the message right, customizing your message to your recipients’ level and interest, conveying a sense of urgency, and formatting your email so that it literally looks appealing.

Asking Donations in an Email

Here are detailed strategies to use when writing to donors:

  • Write an eye-catching subject line. People receive many emails each day and the trash/spam folder isn’t the destination you’d want. How to get donations online? Instead of boring, vague headlines that don’t tell clearly what it’s about, be direct and indicate that you’re asking help for a certain cause/project. A bad example: “Do you like pandas?” while a good example is: “Donate now to [org name] to help pandas survive.”
  • Request for aid in the moment, don’t delay the ask. A polite way to ask for money donations: go straight to the point. Make sure to mention your request within the first 2 paragraphs. They’ll lose interest (and you’d be wasting their time) when you beat around the bush. The content should already give actionable items early on where they understand immediately if they’re being asked to give a cash gift or donation in goods OR they’re invited to a fundraisers event. Here’s where you learn how to start a fundraiser and what makes it successful.
  • Describe and explain clearly. For those who just knew about your nonprofit, include key information, such as the work you do, the specific initiatives/projects their gift will go toward, who you serve, and other relevant details. For example, you can talk briefly about the new program your org is attempting to complete but would still need X amount to finish it. How do you ask for a fundraiser donation? At this point, they don’t need a full history of your org, just be clear about the need.
  • Give it a personal touch. Email isn’t mass communication. It’s a one-to-one interaction where you develop a relationship with your potential (and current) contributors. It’s a polite way to ask for money donations when you don’t use generalities and blanket statements. One efficient technique to customize each letter (which will also make the customization process simple) is to segment your donor list and communication info, example segmenting them into different demographics and topic/s of interest.
  • Make it easy to donate. Providing a “give now” button (or link to your donation page) makes it easy for them to act immediately on your call-to-action. You can also integrate in your email a “Ways to Give” link to give them other methods to give. The more user-friendly your “donate button” is, and providing more ‘ways to give’, the better response you’d get. This is also a great solution on how do you ask for a fundraiser donation.
  • Follow up to express gratitude. There are a number of good fundraising follow up email samples online. Sending sincere thanks (no matter the amount they gave) shows that your org is interested in supporters, not just what’s in their wallet. This also builds strong relationship with them which allows you to receive aid in the future.

Asking Donations Politely

How do you politely ask for donations?

Remember these hints when you ask for a donation in person:

-Make an inquiry in advance.

-Establish a good relationship before you solicit help.

-Be proactive in meeting them where they’re at.

-Rehearse your persuasive speech.

-Communicate using various approaches.

-Be specific, direct, and genuine.

-Prepare yourself (and prepare yourself) for rejections.

-Express gratitude in many ways.

Close the Loop

How do you say thank you for donations?

Dear [Contributor’s name],

We are truly grateful for your generosity! We, at [nonprofit organization], highly value your donation as well as your sacrifice. Your gift helps promote and fulfill our mission through [general/overall work], which include [specific beneficiary or program].

Getting Donations Online

How do I ask for donations on social media?

The top 6 ways are as follows:

-Ask for smaller aid or assistance. …

-Solicit help in the moment (do not delay the request) …

-Concentrate on an online giving program that’s implemented monthly (such as online fundraisers for schools)

-Construct a concise and simple online contribution form with this call-to-action: Donate! …

-At your events, request patrons to give online. …

-Create an engaging social media content to generate aid. …


How do you ask for donations via email?

There are six simple steps: make an eye-catching headline, don’t beat around the bush, clearly explain/describe the need, personalize your letter (as a polite way to ask for money donations), make it easy to give, and send a follow-up thank you.

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