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Spring is the most wonderful time of the year for most bass fishermen. As the water warms, bass are feeding heavily at every depth, providing an equal fishing opportunity for all bass anglers. Here are a few spring bass tactics to help you catch more bass early in the season.

Spring Bass Tactics

As you go out fishing for bass, there are three things to consider: water temperature, bait, and location of the fish. Below is a breakdown of each category to help you better prepare for your next fishing trip.

Importance of Water Temperature

One of the best things about bass is that they are quite predictable. Their instincts to eat, be safe, be comfortable and mate determine how they live. Most of these instincts are determined by the time of the year and water temperature, so it’s crucial that you pay attention to the water temperature in the early spring. It is well known that largemouth spawn somewhere between 55-60 degrees. Prior to that, in the pre-spawn stage, when the temperatures are slightly lower, say about 48-55 degrees, you’re likely to see bass starting to get really active feeding up. As such, this is the best chance to catch them on the river.

Search with Reaction BaitsSpring Bass Tactics

Once the water temperatures get up to the pre-spawn temperature, you should start covering some serious water. The trick is to start in the deeper areas near the main lake points, or other common deep areas that bass like to hang out and work your way to shallower areas. Some of the essential baits to have rigged up include crankbaits, swimbaits, walking baits, jerk baits and A-rigs. Keep on moving until you find the fish. The trick here is to ensure you have some finesse baits rigged up to follow up in case you get short strikes. 

Look Below the Surface

Spring is the most important time of the year to pay attention to what’s happening under the water. If you have a boat, for example, consider investing in some decent electronics that will alert you to fish activity when fishing. When you don’t see any fish, keep moving. Invest in a decent pair of polarized sunglasses and spend some time looking in the shallow waters for any bass moving up into their spawning flats.

Bear in mind that if you see smaller males around, the chances are that larger females are close by. Pay close attention to areas where the bottom is barely visible. Many times, you’ll spot bigger fish moving in and out of your visual area. Get away from the little fish, move away from the shallows a bit and target slightly deeper areas. Doing so can pay off huge during the spring season.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of spring bass tactics, but nothing beats time on the water, learning about bass behavior and studying their patterns. You don’t want to make any mistakes that will cost you a catch, so be sure to get out in the spring as much as you can. The trick is to try and follow bass as they go through their transitions and learn as much as you can about them.

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