Fun Things to Sell for Fundraisers – Top Ideas to Try

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Fundraising needs a community’s effort, and whether you are raising the money as a team or individually, keep these fun things to sell for fundraisers in mind. These items will help you end with a successful fundraiser and an enjoyable event.

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Some fun things to sell for fundraisers include designing and selling clothing, sell tickets for a 50/50 raffle, sell a paper chain and more.

Designing and Selling Clothing

Everyone profits from the buying and selling perspectives of a transaction. You gain the funds while someone else now owns a new piece of clothing that memorializes the event, while also bringing awareness to the cause. Usually, fundraisers that sell merchandise generally print solely on shirts. However, there are a plethora of options of items to design and sell, such as reusable water bottles, lunch boxes, visors/hats, sweat suits and even more.

Sell Tickets for a 50/50 Raffle

The 50/50 raffle can be a really exciting fundraising event as it grows larger and larger. Typically, this raffle is done in any setting similar to a school, church or large office. Patrons will donate money in exchange for a raffle ticket and by the end of the fundraiser, the winning ticket will receive half of the money raised. As the pot grows larger, contributors become more and more intrigued, as there is the possibility that they have the winning ticket. Participants will recruit others to participate to keep the prize and donation funds growing while spreading the word on the foundation or cause.

Paper Chain

A simple, cute and fun way to raise to funds for your cause is to sell paper hearts, stars or any kind of design you’d like to people and they can write their names or a message to be displayed on the string for many to see.

Balloon Raffle

For a one time fundraising event, the balloon raffle is very fun. Display a prize next to a surplus of balloons. Participants will need to purchase a balloon either for a single price or any amount that they would like to donate. Within each balloon, there is a ticket and the winning ticket will win the prize that is displayed. Once all the balloons are purchased, everyone pops their balloon, grabs their ticket and then waits until the winner is called.

Flower Seeds

Around the holidays such as Mother’s Day or any occasion in the springtime, selling flower seeds or planted flower bulbs is a very popular option. It may be possible to purchase at any gardening store or large home improvement stores to purchase flower and vegetable seeds in bulk so that you are able to make a profit when selling the packed or potted seeds.

Art Auction

If you are intending to raise money for an art class of a community art club, have the artists create a piece or two that they would like to auction off or sell. If you don’t want to go through with the auction style, you can set up an art gallery that everyone walks through and buys the pictures they enjoy the most for a set price. Although be sure to monitor everything carefully in order to avoid any mistakes in this process.

Bottom Line

Fundraisers can be competitive, creative, simple or exciting. Although the ultimate goal is to raise money and awareness, this does not mean everyone can’t enjoy the event. Next time you are planning on raising money for a cause, a club, sports team or more, consider all of the fun things to sell for fundraisers.

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