Types of Fundraising Strategies

what are good fundraising ideas
What Are Good Fundraising Ideas?
November 6, 2019
innovative charity ideas
Innovative Charity Ideas
November 20, 2019

Having an effective fundraising strategy is a key element to running a successful fundraiser. Before launching any fundraising campaign, it is important to start with specific goals in mind and have a clear vision. With the right types of fundraising strategies, you’ll have an easier time attracting potential donors and reaching your targets.

Types of Fundraising Strategies

Types of Fundraising Strategies

There are many benefits to fundraising, which is why you need proper strategies in place. In this post, we’ll discuss a few fundraising strategies you can implement to attract donors and raise more funds for your cause.

Host Great Special Events

Hosting special events is a great way to introduce people to your charitable cause, bring potential donors together and convince them to support you. Special events include everything from school carnivals to black-tie dinners and charity galas. The type of fundraising event you decide to host will depend on factors such as your available resources and budget. The trick here is to make sure the event is fun and well-coordinated.

Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising allows you to ask supporters to raise funds on your behalf. It involves tapping into your participants’ social networks to reach a larger audience. Peer-to-peer fundraising, therefore, spreads greater awareness of your cause by reaching out to a larger audience and raising more funds than traditional fundraising campaigns. Don’t forget to offer incentives to your top fundraiser and motivate them to keep working hard for your cause.

Boost Year-End Giving

Types of Fundraising Strategies

You can’t afford to ignore the year-end giving season as its critical to most organizations’ fundraising efforts. It helps to focus on a year-end fundraiser because research shows you’re more likely to receive 20% more of your charitable income during this time. Year end donations are made for wide-ranging reasons including tax and it’s a great time to join the bandwagon for the benefit of your cause.

Develop Recurring Giving and Membership Campaigns

Recurring campaigns allow your organization to raise more funds from your supporters. Monthly giving programs, for example, provide year-round funding which can go a long way in meeting overhead costs such as employee salaries, mortgages and rent. One of the best ways to leverage this is to ensure your website includes an option to donate periodically.

Leverage Social Media

Using social media for fundraising can be very effective. Pick platforms you think you can manage and spend at least 15 minutes each day posting updates about your cause, updating your profiles and posting messages. It’s also important to add links to your social media handles on your website and all your emails so you can engage your audience.

Update Your Website

An unusual but fun fundraising idea is to utilize your website. You can have a donate button, or sell items such as t-shirts.Make sure your site has clear calls to action and review your logo and branding as well as your website at least every couple of years. Keep up with nonprofit SEO best practices and be sure that your site is responsive on all devices.

Bottom Line

Once you have a vision for your fundraiser, you can start building a strategy. With the various types of fundraising strategies mentioned, simply choose one that appeals to your cause. Rather than relying on a single source for your funding, diversify. This helps to reduce risks and increases the chances that you’ll be able to meet your targets.

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