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January 8, 2020
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What Can I Sell to Fundraise

Fundraising is one of the best ways to raise funds for supporting any cause or charity. There are many ways to fundraise. One of the best ways among them is to sell different items. Are you wondering what can I sell to fundraise? Be it new, or old and used, you can sell a lot of things to raise some funds for supporting your cause or charity. We are here to help you regarding this.

What Can I Sell to Fundraise

If you are wondering or confused about the different things that you can sell, then you are at the right place. We will give you some of the common and some unique ideas to sell things that can help you to raise a lot of money for your charity.

Things to Sell for Fundraising 

Here is the list of the things you can sell to raise funds for a local non profit, charity, or for an after school club.

  • T-Shirts

T-shirts are one of the most popular products for fundraising. It can be a great idea for fundraisers of any size and for any causes. You can easily customize the t-shirts and make it look interesting with vibrant graphics that help promote your cause. You can also have an online fundraiser where people who aren’t local can buy shirts too. Selling these t-shirts will help you in raising money as well as words about your organizations too. These t shirts can benefit your online fundraiser because people will ask where to purchase shirts, and you can direct them to your fundraising site. 

  • Cookie Dough

The cookie dough fundraising is one of the most popular ones. You can ask for volunteers who will help you in making the cookies dough with you. There is nothing better than homemade cookie dough. It can be quite a great one especially if you mention that this is for a cause or charity. 

What Can I Sell to Fundraise
  • Coffee Beans

This is another great idea when it comes to selling things for fundraising. The coffee bean fundraising is ideal for any nonprofit organizations or church. Make sure to sell some delicious and fresh coffee beans at a low price. This will help you to make some extra money too. Many people love to have coffee and this offer will be quite luring to them.

  • Bake Sale

This is always a great fundraising choice because it is fun. You can get your students and fundraising members to work as a team and provide a variety of baked goods to sell. 

Bottom Line

Do you have a clear idea now about what can I sell to fundraise? Well, these are some of the common things that you can sell. But the main fact is that you have to promote this to make sure that everyone comes to buy these. You can announce these events on social media platforms to promote these. It will be better and more beneficial for you if more and more people learn about it.

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