Bass Fishing Basics – Tips and Tricks

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Are you new to fishing? Then you will surely love to have a bass fishing session with your friends or family.Before you head out onto the water, it’s helpful to know some bass fishing basics. Here are those secrets and bass fishing basics that you need to know:

Bass Fishing Basics

Just as mistakes can happen in any event, some people don’t realize they may be not fishing correctly for bass. From the various types of bait, to where to fish in the water, here are some tips to help you get started on bass fishing:

  • #1: Red can Fool the Fish

The red can really fool the bass fish. You can use spinner bait with the red head. The red will make the fish think that the bait is injured. This will attract them to bite at it. Then you can catch the bass fish more easily.

  • #2: Save Some Shredded WormsBass Fishing Basics

If the plastic worms have torn up, do not throw them away. Save them for the bass fishes. The bass fish love to ambush the wounded prey. So, the torn or beat-up worms are perfect to be used as the bait when you are fishing bass, especially in the shallow water.

  • #3: Keep the Hooks Sharp

You need to use a file for sharpening the hooks all the time you go to fish the bass fishes. If you are preparing for fishing trip, make sure to sharpen it properly. It only takes 30 seconds to sharpen the hook. The bass fish has a pair of boney jaws. So, this sharp hook will be perfect for penetrating through the fish.

  • #6: Fish Upstream

You have to fish with the wind on your face. Facing the wind is very important as the bass will always swim with the current. So, standing opposite to the current will allow you get better flow of bass fish towards you. You can catch more if you cast upstream to let your bait flow to the fish.

  • #7: Try Shallow Areas

In the springtime, you will find the bass fish hanging out in the spawning beds. So, fish near the shallow areas, especially in the pockets and coves that are protected from the wind. They will be found in these areas because they will be able to guard their eggs. 

  • #8: Make Your Bait Seasonal

Bass fishes eat different types of bait and it depends entirely on what time of the year it is. They like to feed on the crawfish early in the year so you can use the peach-colored patterns. In the summer and fall, they mainly love shad. So, you can use the silver or chrome baits.


So, these are some of the bass fishing basics or you can say secrets that you must know before you go for a fishing trip. Hosting a fishing outing can be a great fundraising event, so it’s important to know the basics beforehand. Each and every fish has their own characteristics and traits. Knowing them is important before the fishing. So, you can learn more about the bass fish for the best fishing experience.

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