Summer Fundraising Ideas – Earn the Most Profits

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June 4, 2019
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June 27, 2019

You might need money for numerous causes, from paying for team gear or saving up for the upcoming sports season. Fortunately, summer is here and compared with other seasons, you will have a greater chance of collecting the required money through fundraising. Nonetheless, what ways can be used to fundraise in the summer? This guide will go over different summer fundraising ideas that are guaranteed to help you raise the funds you’re looking for.

Summer Fundraising IdeasSummer Fundraising Ideas

Some summer fundraising ideas include throwing a party, host a grilling session, organize a movie session, and hosting a concert.


  • Throw a Party


Everyone loves going to parties, and it is a great way to attract them to participate in your fundraiser. You can set up a pool party, filled with drinks and food. Do not forget to include numerous attractions, like slippery slides, water balloon fights and sports matches, such as volleyball or water polo. Producing fun to your guests will make them more likely to donate money for your cause. After all, who can stay cold-hearted if they are having tons of fun?


  • Host a Grilling Session


Hungry people are selfish, fed people are generous. Using this wisdom, you can host a grilling or barbecue session outdoors to provide great food for potential donors. Make sure to stock up on various meats and vegetables, and rent large enough grills so your fundraiser guests do not have to wait long before they get to eat your delicious food. In addition, bring some refreshing drinks to serve as well.


  • Organize a Movie Session


If you have a big enough backyard, you can rent a huge outside projector to show movies on. Get some chairs for people to sit at and you are guaranteed to receive a reasonable amount of people. In addition, you can rent a popcorn machine and store up on soda, so your movie session is comparable to the usual cinema. Other options are renting a small local movie theater and invite people there.


  • Host a Concert


Most people enjoy music, and summer is a great time to participate in an outdoor concert. For this fundraising event, you might need to rent a stage, but do not worry, it will payback easily. To get performers, reach out to local, little-known bands. They will be more than excited to play at a fundraising concert, and in most cases, they will not even ask for a payment. The exposure they will receive will be enough for them to play for free. In addition, beginner artists are just dying to play on stage, and the enjoyment it will bring to them will ensure that your organized concert is of high quality. Just a band playing is not enough though, so make sure there are food and drink options nearby. You can rent an ice cream or a fast food truck near the stage, so people will have a chance to fill their bellies while listening to music.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, fundraising is hard, but doable, especially in the summer. Sun is warming all of us with its rays, and skies are clear, which results in a good overall mood of other people. It makes them more likely to donate you money. Using these summer fundraising ideas is a guaranteed way to achieve your monetary goal for your cause whether it be for a sports team or a trip!


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