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September 6, 2019
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Looking for card fundraiser tips? Card fundraising often works well for the right group. It is important to inform potential customers of the benefits of the card and when it will expire. Mentioning businesses that will interest the customer is also a good idea.

Card Fundraiser Tips

Although not an unusual fundraising idea, card fundraisers are very promising for a high school sports team or for a school trip. The main aim of custom-made fundraiser cards is for the organization to clear their stocks as soon as possible. There are several card fundraiser tips that can be adapted to ensure deadlines are met and targets achieved. Listed below are some of them.

Card Fundraiser Tips

Set a target for each member

Depending on the amount of money that needs to be raised, the target can be divided among the people involved. Each member will be given a number of cards to sell by a specific date.

Establish mandatory expectations or rewards

Once each member knows the goal to be achieved, you can set a minimum requirement that they are meant to sell. Following up on the sales and making members accountable for their sales is one way of making it compulsory to achieve the set goals. An incentive or a reward can be offered if the minimum requirement is not mandatory. The reward can be awarded to sellers who reach and surpass the set goals. 

Train the members 

Offer a few selling tips before sending members of the group to go sell the cards. Show them how to identify and approach potential customers. Train them on what to say to get the customers interested and how to close the sale. They could explain to the customer how much money they would save if they used the card instead of regular prices.

Give a sell-by date

Setting the time when the money ought to be turned in will create a sense of urgency. The members will strive to achieve the target by the set date. Have the money turned in as soon as possible-a week or two after the sales start is an ideal time. A prize can be awarded to those who turn in the full amount by a set date. It is important to note that not every member will comply with the date and measures can be put in place to deal with such individuals.

Keep track of the card fundraiser

Use the sales tracking sheet to make sure that the fundraiser is still on course. Ensure all members get the indicated number of cards and have them sign as proof. Avoid issuing more cards if the money from previous cards has not been turned in. Do not issue cards to anyone whose name is not on the sales tracking sheet. Occasionally, check in with the group members during the selling period to track their progress and note any issues they might be facing. Fundraising mistakes that can be made, so just make sure to stay on top of your records.

Have a plan to deal with all the unsold cards that are turned in. Additional card fundraiser tips to help sell off the remaining cards include; having the top sellers responsible for them, offering a grand prize once all the cards are sold or sell the remaining cards at a discounted price. Following these tips are sure to guarantee the success and benefits of the fundraiser

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