How to Raise Money for a School Club – Get the Students Involved

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May 21, 2019
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If you are thinking about how to raise money for a school club, then there are tons of ways by which you can. Whether it is the parents and teachers hosting an event, or students raising money, there are definitely some great ways to raise money for a good cause. There is also no better way to instill the passion towards charity in the children than this. If you are worried about how to raise money for a school club, then there are many exciting ways to do it.

How to Raise Money for a School Club

Fundraisers are a great way to get students involved. These fundraisers will help students become more excited to participate in the clubs. Here we will cover four different ways to raise money for a school club.

#1: Bike-a-Thon

All the participants for this join teams and then they ride to a common goal. This is a cycle event which is classic. Parents can team up with their kids and teachers can team up with their classes for this. This can be an interesting event where you can ask participants to pay a minimal fee for entry. Also, you can ask people to buy tickets to watch the event. Also, biking can be a great promotion for exercise and physical activity.

#2: Color RunHow to Raise Money for a School Club

This can be a great and interesting one for your school. Kids as well as students from higher grades will love to participate in the fun color race. Everyone must wear a white t-shirt. The students can create the colored powder leading up to the event. Color runs are typically 1K and 5K, and you can ask for a small donation from the participants as an entry fee.

#3: Bake Sale

This is one of the best options to consider for fundraising. Bake sales are fun and easy with a little overhead cost. Also, who doesn’t like to eat sweet treats? You can also think a bit differently and plan a holiday theme based on the season. Ask the kids and parents to bring different baked treats to sell that day. This can help you to have a good fundraising base.

#4: Merchandise Sale

For your club you can create merchandise for donors to purchase online. A portion of the sales go towards the clubs, and it enables supporters to be able to wear/promote the club. This also helps family members who aren’t local, be able to support the club as well.


So, if you were worried about how to raise money for a school club, these are some of the best ways. All these methods above will help your students have fun while being aware of the fact that charity begins at home. Fundraising is an important part of every school and you must think about unique ways to get it done.

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