Peer to Peer Fundraising Tips

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October 1, 2019
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October 15, 2019

Non-profit organizations rely on donors to keep things running. For them, asking for financial support is not difficult. However, it gets trickier when it comes to peer-to-peer fundraisers. Here you are asking your friends to help. Not everyone has experience with this, and others will be reluctant. To have any chance of success, here are some peer to peer fundraising tips to help you get started. 

Peer to Peer Fundraising Tips

Peer to Peer Fundraising Tips

In this timely post, you will get practical and easy hacks to raise funds through your friends and their social circles. You will learn the tactics of convincing your friends and their friends to support the cause. 

Keep in Touch with the Fundraisers

If you notice a team member struggling to bring in donations, reach out to them. Encourage them with a regular email. Let them know that they are not the first ones to struggle in fundraising, and provide them some feedback to help them improve their strategy. It will surprise you how that could turn out to be the greatest motivation. 

Don’t Force Anyone Into Anything

If a team member is a bit reluctant to ask others for donations, do not push them to do it. Let them know you understand their fears, and you support them. One type of fundraising is through social media. They can instead go to use social media as a place to target donations. In no time, they will reach out to friends who will begin to talk about it and even make contributions. From there, it gets very easy. You can also offer local discount cards to those who contribute to your fundraiser.

Start with a Personal Donation

When a fundraiser page is showing zero balance, some people become hesitant to donate. Charity begins at home, and the first peer must make their contribution. It doesn’t have to be anything much, 10 dollars will get things started. Friends and visitors to the page will now begin to make their donations. 

Let Them Ask for a Specific Donation Amount

Leaving people to decide what to donate is a bad idea. Tell your team to ask for specific amounts. For instance, they can ask for 5, 10 15 dollars, etc, and donors will give that. The donation amount will increase swiftly, and that is the motivation needed to keep them going. 

Have Them Start with Achievable Goals

It is not recommended to begin with out-of-reach targets. It kills their motivation if they are not anywhere near such a high target. Smaller targets are easy to achieve. Once a target is hit, it can be raised. It is easier to raise huge sums with more attainable goals, than going for a big goal from the start. 

Have Fun While Fundraising

Just because it is a fund drive doesn’t make it a dull process. Tell everyone to have fun at it. It should not be a source of stress thinking of how to hit targets. Keep reminding them it is not a matter of do or die. 

Bottom Line

There are many benefits of fundraising. If you follow these peer to peer fundraising tips, you will exceed your target and avoid potential fundraising mistakes. Let your team learn these tips, and have fun doing it. 

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